Hi everyone, I wanted to write a review for one of my favourite websites that I use most often, The thing I love the best about Revolve is that it is incredibly easy to use compound savings. Revolve always has coupon codes to use, including an incredible 30% off your entire first purchase from them. They have a wishlist feature when you create an account where you can add all the items you love and it will email you if they ever go on sale. My record savings have almost all been from Revolve, and they have a great price range of items even not on sale. Here are two dresses I purchased recently:


(Top) Free People “Daisy” Dress, (Bottom) Dolce Vita Neon Lace Dress

Being an international shopper, I do have to wait a bit longer for my items to arrive and I don’t get tracking with their standard free shipping. To me, this isn’t a deal breaker since you can always pay extra for the tracking, or to get it couriered to you if you really need an item ASAP. One huge upside is that if you find an item you love but they don’t have your size, you can place a special order inquiry for the item with no commitment! If/when your item arrives at their warehouse, they will email you and hold it for you for three days then release it to the public. I managed to get a great pair of boots this way, and with their price match guarantee, I was confident I paid the lowest price for them.

I cannot even begin to say how much I love Revolve; when I graduated from shopping at, this was the first website I turned to because of their massive selection. From bikinis to cocktail dresses to lingerie to shoes, Revolve has it all at almost unbeatable prices. Go check them out for yourself, and happy shopping!