For the Guys: How to Buy Clothes Online

Armani suitsHey everyone, I’ve been asked to create an article specifically for guys who want to buy clothes online but don’t exactly know where to start. My fiancé was extremely skeptical about buying a designer suit online, but I walked him through it the same way I’m walking you guys through it.

First off, it’s actually easier to buy clothes online for guys compared to girls because the sizing is more standardized. That being said, you still need to know your measurements! Here is an easy measurement chart, all you need is some measuring tape. Click the image to enlarge:

Men's Measurement Chart

After you have your measurements, you’re set. You can go to any website and check out their size chart to find your size based on the measurements you took.

One thing to always look out for is the type of fabric. I know a lot of guys that are very particular about the fabric of their suits or shirts. My general rule is favor natural fabrics (wool, cotton, silk, etc.) and stay away from polyester or other man-made fabrics. The reason for this is that polyester can be very different depending on the manufacturer and the end result could be a scratchy mess. The best tip I can give is go into your closet and find your favourite items and check out what fabric they’re made out of, then buy accordingly.

Last tip: when in doubt, size up! Chances are, if you’re buying a suit, you’ll have to get it tailored anyway and it’s much easier to take things in than to let them out (this may actually be impossible in some cases.) So play it safe and size up if you’re unsure!

Using these tips, my fiancé has been able to buy designer shirts, shoes, and even a full suit.


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