MyhabitHey everyone, as promised, here is my review for the invitation-only shopping website MyHabit is owned and run by Amazon, so you can rest assured that it is every bit as trustworthy as Amazon. MyHabit was my go-to website for a long time, so I have a lot of experience dealing with them.

First off, the good. If you’re in the US, MyHabit is fantastic and you should definitely consider shopping there. For us international shoppers, things are less clear-cut (but I’ll get to that in the next section). MyHabit has a bunch of shipping options depending on how fast you need your item(s), but even internationally, they ship fast! I always go with their basic shipping method and usually receive my items within a week. Another thing I like about MyHabit is that you have the ability to cancel your order after you place it, but before it ships. Sometimes we make impulse purchases and regret it a few hours later, so it’s nice to have the option to cancel. Lastly, you get great deals. Like all invitation-only shopping websites, you can get crazy good deals on just about anything you could want. They have men’s clothes/accessories, women’s clothes/accessories, kids items, and home items.

Now, the bad. For international shoppers, there’s a slightly intimidating cost called an “import fee deposit” that is added to all orders. The import fee deposit is the estimated cost of duties/taxes that would be incurred at the border, and paying this ensures that you will never pay anything extra when your item is delivered. Also, if the deposit is more than the actual fee, they will refund the difference (though in my experience, this can take up to six months). These deposits can mean the difference between a good deal and a bad deal, and they are the reason I don’t do as much shopping on MyHabit as I used to, but they are absolutely worth it if you’re still getting an incredible deal. Returns can make this especially tricky though, since you are unlikely to get your deposit refunded as it was paid to the government.

Overall, MyHabit is a great place to find great deals, especially on designer clothes. Don’t be intimidated by the import fee deposit, just be conscious that it might make your great deal a little less sweet. Here is my invitation for you to join:

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