beyond-the-rackHey everyone, I thought it was about time to post a review of another invitation-only shopping website that I use fairly frequently: This website is (unfortunately) for North America only, and is based in Canada. For us Canadians, this is fantastic since we don’t have to worry about any import fees or extra charges.

Pros: Beyond the Rack has just about everything, from pre-owned luxury products to home goods, there is a huge selection. Their prices are also very cheap compared to their retail value, especially the pre-owned items like Louis Vuitton purses, which is a large reason this website is so popular. They can have these low prices because they don’t carry any merchandise themselves, they only order what has been ordered through the manufacturer, and these products are usually on clearance from the manufacturer. This does lead to some cons though.

Cons: Because Beyond the Rack doesn’t have any merchandise on hand, it takes about 3 weeks to order it in and then about another week to ship to you. For me, this is way too much time to wait unless I’m getting something for an amazing deal that I don’t mind waiting on. A great example of this is luggage sets: you can get them incredibly cheap and so long as you don’t need them immediately, it’s a great deal. The other con is more a personal opinion for me: I just don’t like the fashion they carry. I’ve bought a couple of dresses and boots from them and I haven’t been thrilled with the quality. The brands are guaranteed authentic, it just seemed that they pick the cheapest items within that brand.

All that said, I still do use Beyond the Rack for lots of kitchen items, home storage, and luggage. Beyond the Rack is also part of the Ebates cash back program, so you earn cash back on each purchase you make through them. Here’s my invitation for you to join: Happy shopping!

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