Top 3 Bad Online Shopping Habits

shopping-bagsHi everyone, today I’m writing about the top 3 bad online shopping habits that I know many people (including myself) fall into, and how to avoid them.

1. Shopping when you’re sad/depressed/bored. This is one that I’m absolutely guilty of, and its probably the worst of all the bad habits since its such an easy trap to fall into. For me, I can get the same enjoyment out of finding great deals than I can with actually following through with purchases, so I used this to break myself away from shopping when bored, etc. You just need to be conscious of the fact that you aren’t in the right frame of mind and sleep on it before you decide to buy.

2. Impulse buying: That last bit leads into impulse buying. This can be especially bad on time-sensitive sales that force you to make a decision. Despite this, I try and sleep on any buying decision that I’m not 100% sure about. Even if you’re 99% sure, still sleep on it. You’d be surprised how much a day can give you perspective.

3. Listening to horror stories: “My friend told me that she knows someone who …” Sound familiar? When I tell people about the benefits of online shopping, I hear all kinds of horror stories that friends of friends have faced. There is a reason that it happened to some invisible third party that may not exist and not to anyone you know: it is the exception not the rule! Even if you do know someone personally that had a bad experience, you really shouldn’t base decisions on this. For example, I know people who only use couriers to ship items despite the higher cost and the fees attached because “someone they know” had a bad experience with the postal system. There will always be good and bad experiences with anything in life, you have to try things out for yourself before you write them off.

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