ASOS Website Review

asos-black-friday-bannerI love ASOS. I actually feel like I was a little late to jump onto the ASOS bandwagon, but I got there. ASOS is a UK based retailer that carries both their own brand of clothing, but also a few other designers. ASOS reminds me a lot of Forever 21, only in my opinion, more upscale in terms of quality and style (though not in price!) The thing I love about ASOS is the massive selection of clothes that are really stunning. I get caught up looking around their website for ages! They also have a feature on their website that I think makes them a standout among other websites: the runway view for items. You can actually see a model walk down the runway wearing the item you’re looking at. This is fantastic because you can really see how the item moves. You also have the option to purchase the entire look the model is wearing. ASOS also has a large selection of men’s fashion as well as women’s fashion, which I find is rather rare in a lot of retailers. Here’s a maxi dress I ordered from them recently:floral maxi dress from ASOS

Pros: Massive selection, fantastic prices, great overall style of items, lots of coupon codes to save even more, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! (seriously!), runway view for items, can ship with courier ($15 international) as well as regular post (free), large selection for men, lots of style inspiration, great mix of designer brands with their own brand.

Cons: All items are sold using UK sizing. See their size chart for a direct conversion, though its not that difficult (UK 8 is US 4, for example). However, I find that UK sizes are a bit smaller than the average US size, but that could be item-specific. Another con is that the free shipping does not have tracking outside of the UK. That being said, they said my order would arrive in 8 days, and it arrived in 8 days exactly. If you want tracking, you can always pay that bit extra for shipping also.

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