The True Cost of Items: More Bad Shopping Habits Explained

I think one of the worst shopping habits is buying an item because it’s cheap. I hear all the time how people buy things just because they’re a great price, but that can’t be your only reason for buying something. One great way to look at an item’s cost that I use is to break the price down to how many times you will wear/use the item (or how many times you will wear/use the item before it breaks), so let’s say you buy a pair of shoes for $60, but you only end up wearing them twice. That makes the true cost of the shoes $30 per wear, pretty expensive right? Now instead, let’s say you splurge on a $200 pair of boots that you wear 25 times and will last for many more years, that makes the true cost of those boots less than $8 per wear.


Frye Boots: my ultimate splurge item, the quality is outstanding and have such classic styles!

This example serves to show that buying cheap items often costs you more in the grand scheme of things than if you save for quality items that will last for years. This doesn’t just apply to clothes either. Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out and only buy expensive items, that’s not the point. Sometimes you can get quality items on the cheap, but for every item you buy (whether online or in store) ask yourself how much use you’ll get out of the item to figure out the true cost of that item. This can also take a lot of the impulse out of the decision and you’ll end up making smarter purchases.

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