Best Time to Buy: Winter Items (& Where to Get Them)

Hi everyone, though winter may seem very far off with this beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s the best time to get great deals on winter items like warm coats, boots, hats, scarves, etc. Some great websites to keep your eyes on are:, who have been having great sales on winter boots;, who have sales on all kinds of winter clothes; has some fantastic sales on outerwear; has a few well-priced winter boots; and has a great selection of sweaters and outerwear (stay tuned for a review of their website as well!) My personal favourite is, who have everything you need for winter already. Boots to look at are Frye, and for people who love their UGG’s, check out Australia Luxe Collective who have the same shearling boots, but with way better style and are around the same price. Koolaburra also have some incredibly cool styles for their shearling boots; I have a pair that I absolutely love and get tons of compliments on.

Koolaburra “Bestie” Boot

Koolaburra “Alesta” Studs Boot

When shopping for clothes, it always pays to shop ahead. Even if it may make you a bit upset to think about snow and cold weather, buying ahead will save you lots of time and money. Happy shopping!

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