Sabo Skirt is one website that seems to always be circulating Pinterest with tons of cute outfits, so I took the plunge a while back and decided to order some clothes from them. Sabo Skirt is an Australian women’s fashion retailer that is online-only (though they recently did a capsule collection for the department store David Jones), and is in my opinion, what future retailers will likely become. Because their presence is completely online, they are able to offer great deals on the items they sell, as well as lower shipping costs ($10 flat rate worldwide.)


What I love most about Sabo Skirt is their style. It is unlike anything else I’ve seen from North American retailers, and when I wear clothes from there, I quite often get stopped in the streets with people asking where I got my outfit. Another thing I quite like is that because Australia’s seasons are opposite to ours here in North America, you can find lots of summer items for, say, a tropical vacation in our winter without paying a premium like you would here. I started following them on Instagram a while back and am just dying to buy more of their clothes. I also love how for each item, they have a suggested way to style it in the description. This makes things way easier for those of us who need a little help in that area!


  • Great prices (and you can pay using PayPal!)
  • Unique styles
  • Flat rate shipping with local post (which means you’re less likely to pay duties/taxes)
  • Can buy out-of-season items without paying a premium
  • Shipping was quite speedy from Australia (took just over a week to get to Canada, with full tracking)


  • Shipping could be cheaper
  • Prices are in Australian dollars, so be aware that you may be paying slightly more/less depending on your local currency
  • Be sure to check fabric of items if that’s something that bothers you
  • Keep in mind Australian sizes are a bit smaller than ours in North America, so size up if you’re in doubt

Update 02/05/2014: I have updated a couple of facts since Sabo Skirt has changed a bit since I originally wrote this review, such as fully trackable orders and faster shipping options.

Here are some of my favourite items currently selling at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have shopped at other Australian based retailers and paid the same for shipping and received my package in less than half of the time it has taken for Sabo Skirt. The package shipped on the 29th of Jan, and has been in the same state for 4 days now, but has not moved (it is the 19th of Feb.). If their shipping is going to take so long, it should be less expensive.

    • Desiree says:

      Anonymous – would you mind sharing the other Australian retailers you mention?? Looking for similar clothing for an approaching event and don’t want to worry about delayed shipping. Thanks!!!

    • Caitlin says:

      Just wondering cause I am about to order a dress to the UK, did you get express shipping cause I was going to do that and I need it for next week. Do you think I will get it in time?

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