How to Avoid Bad Holiday Shopping Habits

Holiday Shopping Online

As the holiday season approaches (I’m including Black Friday/Cyber Monday in this category), shopping seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Suddenly everyone has a socially acceptable excuse to max out their credit cards with holiday shopping. This is a mistake and can easily be avoided by not falling into these two common traps:

1. It’s on a crazy good sale so I must buy it!

This is one of the biggest traps people fall into. With the holidays just around the corner, it seems like everything is going on super sale. Just because something is cheap or on a great sale doesn’t mean you should pull out your credit card. Ask yourself if this is something you actually need. Is it something you have considered buying before you saw it discounted? For clothes, ask yourself if there are at least 3 concrete events/places you can wear the item. For electronics, ask yourself if it may pay off in the long run to hold off upgrading your laptop/phone/etc. for a while, maybe something better will be released in the new year. The main point here is for any purchase, no matter how big or small, ask yourself if it’s something you really need without factoring in the price.

2. I have a party/event coming up, so I need a new outfit, shoes, etc.

This is a trap I fall into often. Just because you have a party coming up doesn’t mean you need to go out and hunt for a new outfit. I almost fell into this trap today: I’m attending a wedding in a few weeks in Australia, where it’s summertime right now. My first thought was “I need to find a dress!” However, after not being able to find many summery dresses, I decided to go hunting in the back of my closet. I ended up finding a gorgeous dress I haven’t worn in ages and instead of putting the money towards a new dress that I may only end up wearing once, I bought a fairly inexpensive statement necklace that will make the dress feel new, and also be able to be worn to many other events. Bottom line: rediscover the clothes, shoes, etc. that you already have, and modernize them so that they feel new again.

This is the necklace I bought from to spice up one of my older dresses

This is the necklace I bought from to spice up one of my older dresses

Hope these tips help you to not break the bank this holiday season!

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