Make the Most from Online Purchases with Cash Back or Rewards: Here’s How!

Shopping online pays off in more ways than just savings on the items you buy. In my articles I mention and getting cash back. I decided it was time to make a comprehensive guide to getting more from each purchase you make online.

First, you have to decide what you want (savings, cash back, reward points, etc). For me, cash back is usually the first place I check, and that’s through ebates. How ebates works is you sign up for free, and search for the website you want through them, then click shop now where you’ll be redirected to that website and earn cash back on every purchase, it really is that simple! Every quarter if your cash back amount is greater than $5, they’ll mail you a cheque. Also keep in mind that if you pay with a credit card that gives you cash back already, you could be saving a lot of money before any sales, coupon codes, etc. even come into play.

However, sometimes if the cash back value is too low, you may want to consider other reward options (though keep in mind it does add up!) For me, I look to the Air Miles website to see how many air miles I could gain through my purchase. Like the ebates website, you just have to search for the site you want, click shop now, and you’ll be redirected to the website you want and gain air miles on that purchase. Often, the Air Miles website has special promotions of, for example, 5X the air miles on a certain website. This can make it potentially more valuable than cash back, especially since the miles automatically are loaded onto your card after purchases.

Lastly, don;t forget that special offers are sometimes offered through your bank or credit card. Obviously this varies drastically depending on your bank and card, but my bank occasionally offers increased reward points on certain websites; most recently Banana Republic. You can also get credit cards that give you cash back on all purchases as well, which will compound your savings even further. Depending on what rewards you get with your particular card, this can be incredibly valuable.

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Happy shopping!

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