Invicta, Stuhrling, Akribos: Reviews on the Watch Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

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In a world filled with technology at our fingertips, the classic wristwatch seems to be getting left behind. However, there are also a lot of people (myself included) that love the elegance and beauty of a classic watch. The difference today is that there are many more players in the watch game, many you’ve probably never heard of, or have only seen in passing online sales with prices that seem too good to be true.


With extremely stylish timepieces at very affordable prices, these new watch companies really have a lot going for them. I’ve looked online, and seen many mixed reviews for these brands, but I think a lot of that comes from misunderstanding. Both myself and my fiancé have a few watches from Invicta and Stuhrling and have had good experiences with both. A friend of mine swears by Akribos (Akribos XXIV is the sister company of Stuhrling) as well. One thing you must keep in mind is that the “original price” that gets listed along with the sale price is extremely overinflated. None of these watches actually retail for these prices; it is a marketing strategy to make people think they’re getting a better deal.

akribos xxiv

Here’s the bottom line: these are Chinese watch companies that use high quality Swiss made parts and gorgeous designs for their watches. Because they’re made in China, you get fantastic prices, but the watches can sometimes be a bit hit or miss in terms of overall quality. I bought a Stuhrling watch a couple of weeks ago and it broke fairly quickly. I got a replacement free of charge within three days and it has been working great ever since. My Invicta watch, and my fiancé’s Invicta and Stuhrling watches have been working flawlessly. I have a number of friends who have Akribos watches and only have good things to report as well.


These companies have really excellent customer service, so if something does happen they’ll fix it or replace it for you without hesitation. If you go through Amazon to buy them (as I did), they’ll send you a replacement with free shipping both ways and go out of their way to make you happy. So long as you remember that these are fashion watches, not something to compete with a Rolex, then you’ll be fine. I think a lot of negative reviews stem from the unreasonable expectation that the overinflated original price causes.


  1. Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine says he really likes his Invicta Watches, but their customer service is the worst. He indicates it takes 6 months to hear back from them no matter how often he calls…they are are terrible at repairing…finally just replacing after months of hounding them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah its true.but if consider what you pay for a rolex “fuhged aboud it”. Rolex has similar stainless steel invicta has 317 surgical .Rolex like 312 or 315 stainless steel not better just has something to do with the color. rolex are mechanical automatics most invicta are quartz but the ones that are mechanical and or automatics are similar quality. all mechanicals or automatics must be put together by hand. rolex has sapphire coated crystal” big deal “same compared to invicta flame fusion crystal which is a combination of sapphire and mineral 1 for hardness of a sapphire the other scratch resistance of a mineral. sapphire more expensive for rolex that are still scratch able. Invicta tops at a few dollars up until a few thousand for it’s top tiered watch. rolexes start used at 10 to 15 thousand dollars .rolex better ad based campaign directed for the well to do .not or never been cared to be sold to the masses.what I’m trying to say if you can get through the mass blah blah blah campaign. There’s not much difference between both watches with yes one true exception the much better quality and time efficient service that rolex provides.

  2. Vivian says:

    I just bought a Akribos XVII watch online, and then saw lots of negative review so I’m very concern, and thinking about cancel it. But, then I happen to read this post. Thanks for your reviews ^^ I’ll give it a try.

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