This Week’s Great Buy & Brand Spotlight: Ultra Comfortable Flats

Before online shopping, I had a love-hate affair with flats. I would go into shoe stores and pick up a seemingly comfortable pair of flats, only to find out after wearing them that they were more suited to be a torture device. Then the internet came along and helped solve my problem through awareness of new brands specifically targeting comfort, and the customer reviews and recommendations that go along with those. I have since found two brands specifically that stand out as being the most comfortable and most affordable of all the ones I found browsing online.

First up are the cheaper option of the two: Ballasox by Corso Como (found here: $30-$70.

Ballasox by Corso Como

These flats come in every style and colour imaginable, including ones that are fleece-lined for those of us in colder climates. The main feature they have is that the lining is almost like wearing a sock and means that they won’t rub your feet or dig in painfully. Their website describes this as “[taking] the flat to a new level of blissful comfort with the introduction of a soft, form-fitting patterned sock sewn into the lining of a  leather upper and cushy rubber sole.” I have two pairs of these wonderful flats, and they haven’t let me down. They even come in a little pouch that you can carry them in, which means you can carry them in your purse in case your heels get a bit too unbearable!

Second are flats by designer Yosi Samra (found here: $75-$100.

Yosi Samra was one of the first to design foldable ballet flats that were as stylish as they were comfortable. These flats are the favourites of many celebrities thanks to their incredible comfort. Their website claims that “the ultra-flexible design is oh-so comfy thanks to a padded footbed and an elastic collar for a custom fit.” I have to agree, when I bought my first pair, I was so in love with them that I ordered another pair immediately. These also come in many different styles, but all share the elastic that runs around the top of the flat, making sure it stays in place and never rubs uncomfortably. I have worn these walking around the city for hours with no complaints. They also have loafers made with the same comfort in mind, and I’m eager to order a pair! These also come in a little pouch to carry them in and fold up smaller than the Ballasox.

Both of these brands commonly go on sale through and, so be sure to have a look. Happy shopping!


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