White House/Black Market Review



Hi everyone, I recently discovered White House/Black Market (WHBM) through a fellow blogger and quickly ordered a gorgeous blazer. I received the blazer today and thought I would write a review on my whole experience with this website.

First, the good. The selection on the WHBM is pretty good, and very much my style. It’s more tailored and work-appropriate than many other websites I’ve come across lately. They also have a section for petites, which is a major bonus for me, since I’m only 5’4″ and jump at the chance to get tailored petite clothing. There are also quite a number of product reviews from customers, which is always helpful when shopping on an unfamiliar website. I used their customer service as well since I had an issue with one of their promo codes not applying, and through the live chat my problem was fixed quickly. I did try calling them twice though with no answer either time, so I recommend the live chat if you need any help.


The blazer I received today was fantastic quality, I was actually pretty blown away by it. It fit true to size, perhaps a touch smaller is you want to get really picky. It seriously looks like it was made for me and looks much more expensive than it was (though it wasn’t exactly cheap!)

That brings me to the downsides. First off, $30 for international shipping that isn’t through a courier is extremely high, and almost a deal-breaker for me right there. That coupled with the fact that my package didn’t arrive for 3 weeks, with no tracking whatsoever, pretty much kills it for me. I know shipping to Canada through standard post can take this long, but when I’m paying this much, it should at least be priority shipping with tracking available. The other downside for me is price. I found the pricing of items to be very high, even though the quality is high; I don’t know if I would have bought the blazer initially of I hadn’t had a promo code.

The bottom line: great website if you live in the US and want high quality clothes, not so great for us international customers. I don’t think I would order again unless I was getting a really great deal on something, or had a promo code for free international shipping. I noticed WHBM has opened up some stores in Canada recently, so I’d recommend shopping from their stores rather than online to avoid the high shipping charges and wait times.

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