Shopbop Review

Hi everyone, you may have heard me mention a few times in my previous articles and for good reason, they’re really fantastic and I’ve used them to buy quite an extensive range of items. I have always had a great experience with them so I thought I’d give you a full review on the website, and the best ways to get great deals through them.

First off, some background information: Shopbop is owned by Amazon and offers more than 500 international brands/designers with shipping to 165 countries. Their clothes are primarily ready-to-wear from contemporary designers such as Alexander Wang. Shopbop is the favourite website of many well-known fashion bloggers, such as Blair from Atlanic Pacific, and Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook.

Shopbop offers competitive prices, and will price match other websites if needed. What I primarily go there for is the sale section, where you can get some pretty great deals on designer items. I find that their regular stock is more on the expensive side for the most part, so I highly recommend checking out the sale section for more budget-friendly options. They do have additional 25% off promotions a couple of times a year.

Shopbop also has a great advantage in its product pages; they’re extremely informative, beyond what the majority of websites will give you. They include multiple pictures of the product, including pictures of a model wearing the item, and even a small clip of the item being modelled for some items. This information coupled with the numerous customer reviews available for most items makes Shopbop one of the most informative websites to shop from.

Another advantage of shopping on Shopbop is that they offer free global shipping to 165 countries, with free international express shipping (using FedEx) for orders over $100. There aren’t many websites that offer free international shipping, let alone free express shipping, so this makes Shopbop stand out a lot in my opinion. When you get to the checkout, you’ll see that there are three shipping options, Their recommended one is Free 1-3 day delivery with ShopBop Global. However, they charge you pre-paid customs and duty up-front. If you need your item in a hurry, I would absolutely recommend this option as it will definitely end up being cheaper than the second option of 1-3 day delivery with customs/duty paid at the door (FedEx loves to charge you an arm and a leg, so I would not recommend this shipping option at all!) The best option, and the one I use most frequently, is the third option that uses USPS and takes 7-20 days. It takes a lot longer, but unless you’re ordering a lot of stuff that will be in a huge box, chances are it won’t get caught by customs. Even if you do get hit, you will end up paying much less than what the pre-paid charges are, so it’s worth the gamble in my opinion. The biggest downside with this option is that there isn’t tracking, but I’ve never had a problem and have shipped using this method about seven times now.

Hope this review helped, happy shopping!





  1. Annie says:

    Hi. Thank you for the thorough review. Is your advice on delivery options only valid for Canada? I am looking to order a handbag to the UK and not sure if I should take a chance on the 7-20 days shipping in the hope of avoiding duties and taxes.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Annie, I would definitely choose the longer shipping method for the UK, they are notoriously bad with charging lots of duty/taxes!

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