Shopping You Can Feel Good About: Ethically Sound Purchases

Hi everyone, I recently discovered this new e-boutique called Accompany and have been really wowed by their mission, as well as their products. In addition to having really amazing one-of-a-kind fashion for both men and women, all of their products have been ethically sourced, are artisan made, and support philanthropic projects around the world making each purchase a “do-good” purchase. This is another reason I love online shopping: you have the ability to buy products that you can feel good about and in turn support local artisans and communities. Accompany’s website is easy to navigate and under the product description for each item, it tells you exactly how your purchase will be supporting a community.

For example, this gorgeous 100% silk pencil skirt (currently on sale!) is designed by Obakki, who provide access to clean water in war-torn regions of Africa.

What drew me to Accompany’s website initially was their honeymoon boutique (can you guess what I’ve been shopping for since the wedding?) and the amazing array of clothing and accessories they had available, especially the gorgeous selection of unique jewelry. I found out more about their mission and felt compelled to write an article to let people know that this is something we should be striving towards, and smaller boutiques through online shopping are paving the way for more ethically sound purchases.

Bezez Tunic from the Honeymoon Boutique

Some of the bracelets available

A bit more about the website itself: they ship internationally, which is a big plus, and they also have a good range of prices for their items, though they do tend to lean towards the expensive side due to the fact that these pieces are not made in factories where workers are underpaid to lower cost. To me, it’s worth the extra few dollars to know where your money is going, and to be supporting people who really deserve it. Also a big plus: they sell very anthropologie-esque home goods and gifts at extremely reasonable prices. They also, of course, have a sale section where things are a bit more affordable. My pick from the sale section: the Edwin Bomber Jacket.


To help you guys save a bit of money, you can sign up for their newsletter and get $30 off your first purchase of $150 or more. Be sure to check this one out, and feel good about your purchases. Also, a great deal going on right now is this Jean Paul Gaultier summer tote for only $40, with all proceeds going towards amfAR to raise AIDS awareness and help fund its search for a cure.

Happy shopping!

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