Skagen Watches: A Review


Hi everyone, due to the huge popularity of my last watch review, I’ve decided to do another one on Skagen Denmark. Skagen is currently my favourite new watch brand, and one I hadn’t heard of at all until I started browsing online. Skagen Denmark is an American brand that was founded in 1989 and inspired by Danish design: streamlined, minimalist, but with warmth and character. Skagen is owned by Fossil, who have a long standing reputation for making high-quality, affordable watches.

My husband and I were looking for watches that could be worn casually or dressed up that were also lightweight for our honeymoon. We both purchased Skagen watches after hearing many good things and seeing their great prices. First off the style is great for us: extremely thin, light, minimalist style that looks expensive and also doesn’t look like anything else on the market. The watch band my husband got is actually silicon but has a leather band look and it doesn’t have that cheap silicon feeling, or pick up tons of lint. My watch band is black ceramic, which I was a bit concerned about due to ceramic being notoriously fragile, but I didn’t need to worry. We both put our watches through the paces during our trip to Mexico, including lots of exposure to salt water, chlorine, sand, and sunscreen, and both watches made it back from the trip looking brand new. Despite having a rather large watch collection, I find myself turning back to my Skagen watch, primarily because its so lightweight and is also beautiful. I think both of us will be buying more Skagen watches in the future!

You can find Skagen watches everywhere online, so I’ve pulled some of my favourites for both men and women from some selected retailers for you to check out below. Happy shopping!